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Especificaciones de Isotanques

Fecha y hora actualizada

Fecha y hora actualizada


Dimensions 20' x 8' x 6'8"
Capacity 24,000 - 26,000 litres
Max Gross Weight 34,000 kg
Tare Weight 3,900 - 4,350 kg
Calculation pressure
Test pressure
Working pressure
6.0 Bar
6.0 Bar
4.0 Bar
External Vacuum pressure 0.40 Bar
Design Temperature 120 C
Vessel Material 316 Stainless steel low carbon, <0.03%
Shell: 4,6 mm - Ends: 5,9 mm
Frame Material Carbon Steel
Approvals US/UK D.O.T. IMO 1, ADR/RID, C.S.C., TIR, U.I.C., BAM, A.A.R. 600,
Manlid 1 x 500 mm, 8 point fixed
Safety Relief valves 2" BSP screwed and flanged; provision for the future fitting of
bursting disc
Airline outlet 1 " ball valve and gauge and 1 " BSP capped
Bottom outlet 80 mm, 30foot valve, 80mm butterfly valve with 3" BSP threaded
connector closed by st. cap and retaining cable
Top discharge Provision 3" flange
Steam Heating 8 runs (ASTM A240 316) channels welded to base of tank;
manifold; inlet/outlet pipes screwed and capped " BSP
Press test: 6 Bar Press Working: 4 Bar
Gasket Material PTFE
Insulation 15 mm Rockwool, 70 mm Polyurethane
Cladding Shell from 0,8 mm thick natural aluminium (grade 5251) with lapped
sealed joints
Thermometer yes
Walkway One or two longitudinal full length panels 475 mm wide, either side of
manyway areas. Including top longitudinal protection handrails.
Ladder Painted, 300 mm wide on right hand rearside
Top boxes 2 off to enclose manlid area hinged to front end
Compartment 1
Document Box Standard fitted at left hand rear
Earthing Point 1 off stainless steel


Almacargo, S.A
Km 15 Calzada Roosevelt, Centro Comercial Molino de Las Flores oficina 72, Zona 2 de Mixco, Guatemala C.A.
PBX: (502) 24923000 Fax: (502) 24923000 ext. 104
....... Telefax: (502) 2435-4645


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